The Solimans Elopement in the Redwoods + Big Sur Newlywed Session

When Larry and Michelle brought up the idea of getting eloped in the Redwoods we agreed without even batting an eye. Three days, two nights, and a steak dinner. We were sold. All that we can say about Larry and Michelle has probably been said over a dozen times by multiple people. These two are living proof of loving and caring human beings with their crazy amount of love for each other and those around them. For us this elopement was a dream. We probably had too much Mcdonalds (shout out to some Gilroy Fries…woot woot!) than we could have handled but it was all worth it to witness them tie the knot. Without further a-do, here is a blurb from Michelle, our bride, and their story. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed capturing it.
The Arandas

Words from Michelle:
” I’ve dreamed of eloping for a number of years. When I envisioned myself getting married it was always in the company of amazing redwoods in one of my favorite places, The Big Basin Redwoods, just north of Santa Cruz. I’d fallen in love with those trees in my early 20s, before Larry and I became real and tangible. When I finally convinced him to camp with me there  I witnessed the joy and wonder dance across his face in his experience there. It just further solidified that if we were to marry this was where we would need to make those promises.  We were intent on having a very intimate experience, where we would truly be able to focus on one another, and from start to finish our day was about us. It was still complete with little freak outs, and mishaps but it was also full of laughter and tears as well as some of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.”


  • Sheila said:

    Omg!! That ring! That steak! Those flowers! This is so dreamy and magical!